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Windows 8 updates | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

Windows 8 updates

This page gather all updates made to 2Day for Windows 8.

29 May 2015 – 2.3.1

Fixed crash when using the time picker control with a Chinese-based culture

20 May 2015 – 2.3.0

Added ability to delete or complete all tasks at once from the misc settings page
Added recurring tasks can now be defined with only a start date (due date is no longer mandatory)
Added reminders are now automatically updated when a task is postponed
Improved better performance when syncing deletion of multiple tasks with 2Day Cloud and ToodleDo
Improved add Gzip compression support when syncing with Exchange/Office 365
Improved small UI improvements in the left navigation menu
Fixed grouping option was not saved when editing a folder
Fixed incorrect date format display when changing the time of a start date

12 March 2015 – 2.2.5

Fixed live tile not updating properly in background
Fixed rare crash when doing large synchronization while using navigation menu

06 March 2015 – 2.2.4

Added text prediction support in the task’s title field (touch keyboard only)
Fixed duplicate creation when using background syncing
Fixed encoding problem with non-Latin cultures when syncing with Outlook.com
Fixed monthly recurring task bug when syncing with Toodledo
Fixed authentication tokens for background sync with 2Day Cloud are refreshed properly
Fixed tasks with start time set to later today are now properly displayed

17 February 2015 – 2.2.3

Added ability to delete a particular tag (long tap or right click the tag in the left navigation menu)
Added new button in the bottom application bar to quickly pin/unpin the currently selected view
Improved add tooltip in the navigation menu when displayed in small mode
Improved add a confirmation dialog when a task is about to be deleted from the edit task page
Improved update start and due date according to Outlook rules when syncing with Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook.com
Fixed random crashes occurring while navigating in 2Day
Fixed 24hours display when appropriate when setting up a reminder
Fixed error message when syncing deleted contexts with 2Day Cloud

3 February 2015 – 2.2.2

Added sync reminders with Exchange & Office 365
Fixed error message shown sometimes at startup
Fixed bug that prevented to add new tag in the create or edit task page
Fixed error message in rare scenario when using 2Day Cloud (‘expect member id not found’)

22 January 2015 – 2.2.1

Added light theme support !
Added use CTRL + Enter in quick add pane or create task page to add a task and stay in the same page
Improved a warning message is shown if you try to sync contexts with a provider that does not support them
Improved show confirmation message about unsaved changes only when needed
Improved do not show completed checkbox when in the create dialog page
Improved better design of the sync progress indicator
Fixed problem when trying to unpin a task or a folder
Fixed multiple bugs when syncing with Outlook.com
Fixed numerous number of small bugs :-)

18 December 2014 – 2.1.9

Fixed possible hang at startup in very rare case
Fixed sync progress problem for very first sync with Exchange or Outlook.com

9 December 2014 – 2.1.8

Improved use appropriate order when tasks are grouped by folders or contexts
Improved first sync experience now prevents duplicates creation
Fixed detect and remove live tiles that are no longer linked to any element in 2Day
Improved keep contexts when “debug sync, replace” option is used if the provider do not support contexts
Improved add missing translations in Chinese and Russian (thanks Zhang, Wang, Evgeny & Denis)
Fixed live tile not updating immediately after being pinned

26 November 2014 – 2.1.7

Improved sync reliability

19 November 2014 – 2.1.6

Fixed several issues when syncing recurring tasks with Outlook.com
Improved sync configuration page now displays the name of the synced folder with Outlook.com and Exchange/Office365

13 November 2014 – 2.1.5

Fixed issue with messages missing in dialog boxes

04 November 2014 – 2.1.4

Fixed when syncing with Exchange completed tasks could not be always marked as completed
Improved better diagnostics to debug sync problems

26 October 2014 – 2.1.3

Fixed incorrect description for the yearly recurrence (thanks Didier)
Improved better diagnostics to debug sync problems

30 September 2014 – 2.1.2

Fixed few Italian translations mistakes (thanks Enrico & Marcello)
Fixed medium live tile not showing 2Day’s logo (thanks Hobie)
Fixed minor UI glitch in the task counter display (thanks Johannes)
Improved support for detailed status on the lock screen, showing the next 4 tasks of the “today” view
Improved tile for folder and tags show all tasks and not only those due today
Improved improve note field management with Exchange (thanks Joachim)

02 September 2014 – 2.1.1

Improved when a reminder toast is clicked the associated task is shown
Improved scheduled view show tasks with start date only in the future
Fixed Exchange sync: fix duplicates creation when updating the note of a recurring task
Fixed Exchange sync: start date are now synced properly

14 August 2014 – 2.1.0

Added new debug sync menu to help resolve sync issues. ‘Replace’ option can now reset sync to a clean state in a single click.
Improved better performance when updating large number of tasks using drag’n’drop
Improved detect Microsoft Account sync key error and suggest to perform a ‘Replace’ sync as workaround
Fixed crash when opening the contexts settings pane
Fixed possible crash when performing first large synchronization with tags
Fixed crash when completing a task on a RT devices (like Surface)
Fixed task repeat mode (due date / completion date) is now synced properly when using 2Day Cloud (thanks Matt)

6 August 2014 – 2.0.0

Added brand new design and logo !

13 June 2014 – 1.1.14

Added option to show or hide task with start date in the future
Added checkmark icon on the live tile
Added use active view settings when creating task (context, tag, priority, due date)
Added option to set the default start date
Added default due date is now a global options (Settings > General) rather than a per folder settings
Added help entry is now available in the settings. Help is hosted on 2Day’s website and will be improved over time
Added help button to help you configure Microsoft Account syncing
Fixed default time for start date (thanks Juerg)
Fixed share not showing completed tasks as completed (thanks Ruud)

31 May 2014 – 1.1.13

Improved better performance when doing synchronization or editing multiple tasks at the same time
Improved when a reminder is created, default time is the next hour and not exactly “now”
Fixed ToodleDo syncing when password had special characters
Fixed Italian translations (thanks Marcello)

25 May 2014 – 1.1.12

Improved better performance when doing big synchronization (more improvements coming in future updates)
Fixed missing translation in the settings pane

20 May 2014 – 1.1.11

Added option to show completed tasks at the end of the task list
Fixed bug that could prevent notes from being displayed in the task list (thanks Erwin)
Fixed bug when creating new recurring tasks with context being set (thanks Alan)
Removed do not choose folder colors automatically during sync

13 May 2014 – 1.1.10

Added basic share charm support to export the current view to HTML (and send it by email for example)
Fixed fix bug where views could be duplicated (thanks Jay)
Improved sort tags alphabetically in the navigation menu (thanks Jim)

12 May 2014 – 1.1.9

Added tags are now visible in the left navigation menu and can be pinned to the home screen
Fixed bug when configuring recurring tasks (thanks Lorelei)

9 May 2014 – 1.1.8/1.1.7

Fixed bug when using 2Day Cloud syncing in Spanish
Improved UI in the task creation/edition page
Improved display more useful error message if sync fails

6 May 2014 – 1.1.6

Fixed possible bug when adding a folder from the task edit/create page (thanks Philip)
Fixed possible hang on splashscreen at very first launch (thanks Christophe)
Fixed incorrect order of tasks on the live tiles (thanks Daron)

24 April 2014 – 1.1.5

Fixed folder’s colors synchronization bug with 2Day Cloud (thanks Loïc)

23 April 2014 – 1.1.4

Improved stability
Improved ability to delete whole content of 2Day when sync is reset

15 April 2014 – 1.1.3

Fixed sync settings being lost after background update

7 April 2014 – 1.1.2

Fixed occasional “Null reference exception” error message at startup

1 April 2014 – 1.1.1

Fixed bug when moving a task from one folder to another (thanks Ben)
Fixed bug when trying to sync without network connectivity
Fixed bug when related to the order of folders

25 March 2014 – 1.1.0

Added option to change user interface language
Added option to choose first day of the week (default is Monday)
Added option to hide a specific folder from views (like in the Windows Phone version)
Improved do not reset search when navigating away from main page (thanks Jim)
Fixed “Null reference exception” occasional error message with 2Day Cloud or ToodleDo

22 March 2014 – 1.0.19

Improved display folder icon on secondary wide tiles

20 March 2014 – 1.0.17/1.0.18

Fixed regression with sync introduced in previous update
Improved better diagnostics in case or error

18 March 2014 – 1.0.16

Improved consider start time when sorting tasks by start dates (thanks Jim)
Fixed folder duplicates bug with 2Day Cloud (thanks Ben)

17 March 2014 – 1.0.15

Improved gives keyboard focus to the task’s title in the create task page (thanks Peter)
Fixed small bugs

13 March 2014 – 1.0.14

Fixed ToodleDo authorization not working with special characters as password (thanks Jules)
Fixed crash when using specific task ordering options

10 March 2014 – 1.0.13

Fixed bug when syncing recurring tasks with ToodleDo (thanks Janet)
Fixed bug when removing context from a task and syncing (thanks Ruud)
Fixed layout in the quick add pane when task’s title uses multiple lines
Fixed typo in Russian (thanks Igor)
Fixed background synchronization not pushing changes properly

5 March 2014 – 1.0.12

Added context field in the quick add pane if at least one context exists (thanks Derek)
Fixed crash when synchronization password is empty
Fixed other “Access denied” exception messages

4 March 2014 – 1.0.11

Improved stability and performance improvements

28 February 2014 – 1.0.10

Fixed login error with 2Day Cloud
Improved better experience when setting task custom progress (thanks Christopher)

27 February 2014 – 1.0.9

Improved better management of login errors when using 2Day Cloud
Improved better diagnostic when sync fails with Microsoft Account

26 February 2014 – 1.0.8

Fixed German localization typo
Fixed background pattern empty after first install
Fixed the occasional “Access Denied” exception

20 February 2014 – 1.0.7

Fixed possible crash when cancelling a synchronization
Fixed missing translations in the custom localization popup (thanks Carl)
Added support for multi-lines content for folder and tasks titles (thanks Jim)
Added better visualization in the “Choose sync provider” page

17 February 2014 – 1.0.6

Added auto-completion when adding tags in the create/edit task page (thanks Joe)
Added button to delete all completed tasks in the Misc Option pane (thanks Susanne)
Fixed horizontal scroll position lost after editing a task (thanks Jim)
Fixed notes not being synced with ToodleDo when set to empty (thanks Jim)
Fixed notes being completely overwritten when text was pasted (thanks John)
Fixed occasional “Invalid cast exception” during synchronization (thanks Carles)

15 February 2014 – 1.0.5

Fixed Russian localization not working (thanks Stanislav)
Fixed task sort ordering with start date (thanks Jim)
Fixed incorrect information in the “Choose sync” page (thanks Virinchi)
Improved attempt to fix the occasional “Access Denied” exception

10 February 2014 – 1.0.4

Fixed bug with Microsoft Account syncing. Important: you must remove sync settings and configure sync again (thanks Bruno)
Fixed snapped view layout in the create/edit folder and task pages (thanks Kamil)
Fixed task ordering bug when sorting by due or start dates (thanks Tony)
Fixed support for non-alphanumeric passwords with ToodleDo (thanks Maik)
Added install of 2Day now use the “Office” background pattern by default

8 February 2014 – 1.0.3

Fixed server redirection with Microsoft Account syncing

6 February 2014 – 1.0.2

Fixed a crash that could occur when configuring an Exchange or Active Sync account

5 February 2014 – 1.0.1

Fixed crash at startup on RT devices
Fixed crash that could occur when using custom sorting options
Fixed “Review” link not working in the About flyout

3 February 2014 – 1.0.0

Added Initial release


  • You can see the current version installed on your device in the about page
  • You can manually force an update, open the Windows Store app, go the the settings, then in “App updates” and finally “Check for updates”