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Windows Phone updates | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

Windows Phone updates

This page gather all updates made to the 2Day for Windows Phone.

19 May 2015 – 3.2.0

Added ability to delete or complete all tasks at once from the misc settings page
Added recurring tasks can now be defined with only a start date (due date is no longer mandatory)
Added reminders are now automatically updated when a task is postponed
Improved better performance when syncing deletion of multiple tasks with 2Day Cloud and ToodleDo
Improved add Gzip compression support when syncing with Exchange/Office 365
Fixed focus status of each folders was not setup properly after startup
Fixed authentication problem when trying to use OneDrive backups after syncing with 2Day Cloud
Fixed exception when screen is locked while sync is running
Fixed crash when deleting a task from a folder with the “show in all view” option set to off

12 March 2015 – 3.1.1

Added navigation button to show previous/next month when postponing task using the context menu
Fixed crash when configuring “days of week” recurrence

10 March 2015 – 3.1.0

Added ability to share any web page from Internet Explorer to 2Day and create a task from the URI
Added ability to delete a particular tag (long tap the tag in the home screen)
Improved add a confirmation dialog when a task is about to be deleted from the edit task page
Improved update start and due date according to Outlook rules when syncing with Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook.com
Fixed encoding problem with non-Latin cultures when syncing with Outlook.com
Fixed monthly recurring task bug when syncing with Toodledo
Fixed tasks with start time set to later today are now properly managed
Fixed error message when syncing deleted contexts with 2Day Cloud
Fixed crash when resuming app from the create/edit folder page

3 February 2015 – 3.0.10

Added sync reminders with Exchange & Office 365
Fixed error message in rare scenario when using 2Day Cloud (‘expect member id not found’)
Fixed light theme issue with some icons

30 January 2015 – 3.0.9

Improved show a notification message when a task is postponed using the context menu
Improved a warning message is shown if you try to sync contexts with a provider that does not support them
Improved note, context, start date and tags are now included when you share a task or a folder
Improved better live tile design for tasks
Fixed multiple bugs when syncing with Outlook.com
Fixed hide speech recognition button in quick add pane when phone doesn’t support speech for current language

9 December 2014 – 3.0.8

Improved use appropriate order when tasks are grouped by folders or contexts
Improved first sync experience now prevents duplicates creation
Fixed detect and remove live tiles that are no longer linked to any element in 2Day
Improved keep contexts when “debug sync, replace” option is used if the provider do not support contexts
Improved add missing translations in Chinese and Russian (thanks Zhang, Wang, Evgeny & Denis)
Fixed bug when trying to setup a recurring task with a reminder (thanks Matt)
Fixed live tile not updating immediately after being pinned

26 November 2014 – 3.0.7

Improved sync reliability

19th November 2014 – 3.0.6

Fixed several issues when syncing recurring tasks with Outlook.com
Improved sync configuration page now displays the name of the synced folder with Outlook.com and Exchange/Office365

13 November 2014 – 3.0.5

Added move/delete/postpone multiple tasks in a single gesture by long tapping any group headers in the task list
Added you can now postpone a task to a custom date (choosing from a calendar) in the task list’s context menu
Fixed possible live tile background update issue

29 October 2014 – 3.0.4

Fixed missing Czech localization
Improved better diagnostics to debug sync problems

17 September 2014 – 3.0.3

Fixed incorrect description for the yearly recurrence (thanks Didier)
Fixed few Italian translations mistakes (thanks Enrico & Marcello)
Fixed tile update when a task is pinned with a non-transparent background
Fixed it was not possible to choose a custom due date with the quick add pane when “today” view is selected
Improved when a new recurring task is created copy action fields properly (thanks Didier)
Improved current task’s note is kept when voice recognition is used (thanks Didier)
Improved tile for folder and tags show all tasks and not only those due today
Improved better display for small tile size
Improved improve note field management with Exchange (thanks Joachim)

02 September 2014 – 3.0.2

Improved ability to change the language used by 2Day in the misc settings page
Fixed Fix bug in the task list display configuration (thanks Enrico)
Fixed Exchange sync: fix duplicates creation when updating the note of a recurring task
Fixed Exchange sync: start date are now synced

28 August 2014 – 3.0.1

Improved scheduled view show tasks with start date only in the future
Improved adjust font and icon sizes on the live tile (thanks Adam, Andreas & Pavel)
Fixed crash when using custom recurring frequencies (thanks Abraham)
Fixed crash when syncing with Microsoft Account (thanks Josh and Mark)

27 August 2014 – 3.0.0

Added new live tiles design and transparency support
Added new home screen design with improved quick add support
Added new navigation bar when the top active folder is tapped
Added new design of the task create/edit pages
Added add an option for the default start date
Added add an option for the default due date (this is no longer a per-folder setting)
Added add an option to choose first day of the week (default is Monday)
Added add an option to show completed task at the bottom of the task list
Added add an option to show or hide task with start date in the future
Added alarms are now visible in the Action Center
Added advanced debug sync

Improved organization of the settings (closer to the Windows 8 version of 2Day)
Improved ability to delete whole content of 2Day when sync is reset
Improved help is now available to choose the best sync options
Improved help is now available as links to 2Day’s website
Improved use active view settings when creating task (context, tag, priority, due date)
Improved when a reminder is created, default time is the next hour and not exactly “now”
Improved default due date is now a global options (Settings > General) rather than a per folder settings
Improved folder colors are no longer chosen automatically during sync

Fixed bug with tag autocomplete
Fixed bug for recurring tasks with context
Fixed ToodleDo authorization not working with special characters as password (thanks Jules)
Fixed crash when using specific task ordering options
Fixed bug that prevented notes to be displayed properly
Fixed bug when changing the “Show in views” option of a folder (thanks Heinrich)

24 April 2014 – 2.1.7

Fixed folder’s colors synchronization bug with 2Day Cloud (thanks Loïc)
Fixed ToodleDo authorization not working with special characters as password (thanks Jules)

27 February – 2.1.6

Added a button at the bottom of the completed view to delete completed tasks easily (thanks Suzanne)
Added auto-complete when adding tags to a task (WP8 only)
Improved update the style of the checkboxes in the task list (WP8 only)
Fixed a crash when settings up 2Day Cloud synchronization for the first time

19 February 2014 – 2.1.5

Fixed a bug when the task list was empty (WP8 only)
Improved version history now opens 2Day’s web site (this page)

11 February 2014 – 2.1.4

Fixed automatic detection of Outlook.com servers (Microsoft Account)
Fixed bug when syncing multiple devices with a single Microsoft Account

27 December 2013 – 2.1.3

Fixed bug with theme management
Fixed live tile and ToodleDo bug with start dates
Added new sticky headers in task list + jumplist on group headers (WP8 only)

1 November 2013 – 2.1.2

Fixed bug when pinning a context to the home screen
Added support for Czech language

9 October 2013 – 2.1.1

Fixed Exchange synchronization
Fixed bugs with ToodleDo synchronization when using contexts
Fixed live tile issue on WP7 devices

3 October 2013 – 2.1.0

Added visualize contexts like folders and views
Added option to specific default priority
Improved redesign of the page where you choose sync provider
Improved recurring tasks which can repeat between 12 and 30 days (was limited to 12 before)
Fixed fix crash when restoring backups on WP7 devices
Fixed improve stability when using Microsoft Account synchronization

20 August 2013 – 2.0.1

Added new view: ‘todo’
Improved improve display with light theme
Fixed problem when completing a recurring task in 2Day
Fixed some spelling mistakes
Fixed many other minor bug fixing

20 June 2013 – 2.0.0

Added better GTD (Getting Things Done) support with contexts, tags and start dates
Added ability to sync with your Microsoft Account (live.com, outlook.com, hotmail.com)
Added brand new home screen with better design and quick added task
Added ability to define what fields of your tasks are shown in the task list
Added ability to define 3 criterias to sort your task list
Added new views: late and scheduled
Improved new design for the settings page
Improved improve toast notifications
Improved updated tour
Improved lots of other miscellaneous improvements

5 May 2013 – 1.5.4

Added 2Day now supports landscape orientation
Added ability to change task’s folder from task context menu
Improved remove 2Day’s logo from the folders and tasks tiles pinned to the home screen
Improved other miscellaneous improvements

26 April 2013 – 1.5.3

Improved context menu for tasks and folders
Added welcome message after an app update to show the changelog
Improved new icons for folders and improvement for existing ones
Improved improvements in the views where tasks are grouped by folder

29 March 2013 – 1.5.2

Improved increase the maximum number of tasks that can be fetch from Exchange
Fixed bug when grouped dates option was on
Improved change the message shown to ask user to write a review
Fixed duplicated tasks bug with ToodleDo
Added support for Nokia blue color

13 March 2013 – 1.5.1

Improved the maximum number of tasks in 2Day Lite (free version) is now 10
Improved When grouped dates option is on, put tomorrow’s task in their own group
Fixed fix bug when picking tasks for updating the live tile (user feedback)
Improved update the pivot header color when light theme is used (user feedback)
Improved read back the title of the task when using voice commands (user feedback, Windows Phone 8 only)
Improved new link in the settings page to open the lock screen settings (user feedback, Windows Phone 8 only)

3 March 2013 – 1.5.0

Added Font size preview in the settings page
Improved quality of the of the folder icons (user request)
Improved show a message when a SkyDrive backup has been downloaded and 2Day is about to restart (user request)
Improved display the time of reminders in the task list (user request)
Improved replace the “save” icon by a “check” icon when appropriate (user request)
Added 2Day Lite, a free ad-supported version of 2Day

17 February 2013 – 1.4.2

Fixed bug with ToodleDo which could delete tasks without notice

6 February 2013 – 1.4.1

Fixed potential crash at startup with specific language setup
Fixed crash when using the task ordering page on WP7 devices

31 January 2013 – 1.4.0

Added voice commands (WP8 only, English, Germand and French only)
Added voice recognition (WP8 only)
Improved new live tile (WP8 only)
Added lock screen notifications (WP8 only)
Added global search
Improved recurring tasks
Added new color usage for folders
Added new special folders: tomorrow and reminders
Added new UI for the task ordering page
Fixed other minor bug fixes

15 December 2012 –

Fixed crash when using Exchange sync

23 October 2012 – 1.3.2

Fixed critical bug with ToodleDo which improves stability
Improved the backup folder in SkyDrive (if used) is now ‘2Day backups’ (old name was ‘2do backup’)
Added Portuguese localization (thanks Luis)

11 October 2012 – 1.3.1

Fixed proper layout in the note field
Fixed full-screen option problem (thanks Mark for reporting it)
Fixed incorrect encoding of the “+” character with ToodleDo
Fixed incorrect update of task’s modification date when changing the due date using the context menu

20 September 2012 – 1.3.0

Improved new logo
Improved the header with the name of the app and the date has been removed
Added new UI to create and edit tasks (based on a pivot layout)
Improved UI to pick the due date of a task by showing the next 6 coming days
Improved UI to pick the time of reminder by showing several default times
Added task have a progress (from 0% to 100%). The progress is synced with Exchange (when available)
Added new view: no due date
Added new option: full-screen mode
Added new option: hide the number of tasks in each folder in the header of the application
Improved the sync settings are now part of the settings page
Added new UI for the settings page with logos of ToodleDo, Exchange, Office365
Improved the sync button on the main screen perform the sync directly, no need to navigate to a second screen
Improved the sync is done in the background: you can continue using 2Day while the sync is in progress
Added sync is now available in trial mode, but only for 5 times
Added new checkbox help SSL configuration with Exchange
Improved archived folders in ToodleDo are now handled properly
Improved when a task has a reminder set and the task gets completed, the reminder is removed if needed
Improved ability to display complex notes with HTML content. The area support scrolling properly
Fixed many bug fixing with ToodleDo sync
Improved the focus status of a folder is now saved across launches

30 May 2012 – 1.2.0

Added new views: ‘today’ and ‘all’ as well as ‘completed’, ‘favorites’ and ‘week’. You can choose which ones you want to display.
Added new filtering option: ‘this week’
Added new option to automatically hide completed tasks
Improved Exchange sync, including tasks with notes containing HTML
Improved backups now restore settings properly
Improved take the default date of a folder into account, even when the task is added from another view
Improved available colors for folders
Fixed reminder date of periodic tasks

5 April 2012 – 1.1.0

Added first public version