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Windows 10 updates | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

Windows 10 updates

This page gather all updates made to 2Day for Windows 10. This universal version of 2Day is based on the Windows 8 version – you can find the update history for this version here.

21 January 2018 – 4.8.6

Improved the task auto-deletion options now have more values (thanks WebOspinn)
Improved the About dialog now contains link to the GitHub repository hosting the source code of 2Day

1 November 2017 – 4.8.5

Added 2Day is now free as I’m joining Microsoft to work on To-Do, read more about this here. :-)
Added new UI to add and edit tasks (was in preview until this update)
Fixed fixed a crash when changing the context of a recurring task

21 June 2017 – 4.8.4

Added add support for syncing subtasks with ToodleDo
Fixed fix an issue where the context of a task wasn’t displayed properly in the task edition page
Fixed fix an error after using the extended notes editing view with the new task UI

13 May 2017 – 4.8.3

Improved you can now change the theme (light/dark) without having to restart 2Day
Fixed fix error when using the new task UI after having a confirmation dialog

09 May 2017 – 4.8.2

Added you can now create smart views to find all tasks with or without subtasks
Added in the new task UI, the “Shift + Enter” keyboard shortcut can be used to add a new subtask
Added new UI to add and edit folder that is based on a flyout (and is single page on mobile)
Improved it’s now possible to use drag gestures to select minutes in the new time picker UI
Improved when a recurring task is completed, subtasks are re-generated on the newly created task
Improved you can now use the ‘Enter’ key to validate the addition of a new subtask
Improved improved performance in the new task UI
Improved improved behavior when using the ‘Escape’ key in the new task UI
Improved better popup placement in the new task UI
Improved better display of long list of tags in the new task UI
Fixed fix a bug that prevented to add more than one smartview without having to restart 2Day
Fixed speech recognition can now be used for search
Fixed fix potential error when syncing subtasks with 2Day Cloud

27 April 2017 – 4.8.1

Improved better placement of popups in the new task UI on small screens
Fixed crash at startup after deleting a task with subtasks
Fixed fix a bug where we could add a task that had an empty name
Fixed color issues with light theme in the new task UI
Fixed fix an issue where when editing multiple tasks with the new UI notes were not loaded properly
Fixed fix a crash when adding a context from the contexts settings flyout
Fixed fix typos in German + missing translation for “subtasks”

25 April 2017 – 4.8.0

Added brand new UI to add and edit task – you must opt-in manually for this for now (via Settings, Misc)
Added initial support for subtasks in the new task UI !
Added new option (in Settings, General) to set task’s progress to 100% when a task is completed
Improved better detection of network access
Improved you can now press ‘Enter’ to validate the input when adding or editing a tag or context
Improved search now displays scheduled tasks (with a start date in the future)
Fixed fix an issue where formatting of notes was broken when syncing with Exchange/Office 365
Fixed fix an issue where order of folders and context in dropdown on mobile was incorrect
Fixed fix an issue where it was impossible to delete tasks when search was active
Fixed fix an issue where it was impossible to use custom progress value on screens with 250% DPI scaling
Fixed fix an issue where header wasn’t handling very large text
Fixed fix a few typo in German

2 February 2017 – 4.7.2

Improved better calendar style for out of scope dates
Improved the search box now contains a clear button
Fixed fix an issue where the password was asked multiple times when syncing with Exchange/Office365
Fixed fix a potential exception when syncing with Exchange/Office365
Fixed fix an issue where modification dates of tasks wasn’t updated properly causing sync issues with ToodleDo
Fixed flyouts are now displayed properly when running with Continuum
Fixed remove duplicate buttons in the ‘Completed’ view on mobile

30 January 2017 – 4.7.0

Added add support to sync flagged items (emails) with Exchange and Office 365
Improved search now look in all tasks and not only in the currently active view
Improved on mobile, search bar is now always visible and does not require to open the hamburger menu
Fixed fix a bug when syncing with Akruto Sync server and the Active Sync protocol
Fixed fix a bug when syncing recurring task with start date with Exchange
Fixed fix a bug when syncing reminder time with Exchange for some timezones
Fixed when configuring Exchange, Office 365 or ToodleDo the busy indicator is now displayed properly

9 January 2017 – 4.6.1

Fixed reminders are now displayed properly when text is long
Fixed fix a bug with Exchange/Office365 where task where shown 1 day before in 2Day
Fixed fix a bug with Exchange/Office365 where updating a due date by doing drag/drop of a task wasn’t updating the start date properly
Improved improve reliability when updating Exchange or Office 365 sync settings
Improved show a notification when the app starts for the first time after an update from the Windows Store
Improved 2Day now shows a special help when user is trying to configure a @microsoft.com Office 365 account

29 December 2016 – 4.6.0

Added a new option has been added to prevent the unused tags from being delete
Added it’s now possible to sort folders/smartviews/contexts/tags by name from the misc settings page
Improved when a smart view is created or edited, the number of tasks that match is shown in real time
Improved the layout of the misc settings page has been improved
Improved the experimental sync engine is now turned on by default when configuring Exchange/Office365 sync
Fixed when a task with a reminder is updated, the reminder is updated accordingly
Fixed sync notification wasn’t shown properly under particular circonstances

21 August 2016 – 4.5.5

Improved when you choose a folder or context in the task page, the layout now uses 2 columns
Improved several buttons now have a tooltip with associated keyboard shortcuts
Improved you can now group tasks by modification dates
Improved with wide layout (PC, tablet) you can deleted all completed tasks from the “Completed” view
Improved when you configure sync for the first time you can now choose Active Sync and Office 365 directly
Improved flash icon to indicate start date now displays start time as well
Fixed when syncing with an Exchange server, auto-discover now works better
Fixed “contact us” link no works properly in the About settings section

17 August 2016 – 4.5.3

Added new option to choose what is shown on the tile’s badge value (in Settings, General)
Fixed when a recurring task is completed via a notification, newly created task now sync properly
Fixed multiple small fixes

3 August 2016 – 4.5.2

Fixed backup feature works again
Fixed task completed via a notification now sync properly
Fixed do not save task with shortcut CTRL + S if the ALT (menu) key is pressed to prevent typing a character in Polish
Fixed link to review 2Day in the about section works again

28 July 2016 – 4.5.1

Improved remove check mark from live tile to improve readability
Fixed when a task is added via Cortana, default options for due date, start date, priority and context are used

12 July 2016 – 4.5.0

Added swipe from the left edge of your device to show the navigation menu
Added hyperlink are now clickable in notes
Added support for JumpList, right click or long tap 2Day’s icon in the task bar or start menu to have direct access to the “quick add task” and “sync” command
Added support for Swedish language
Added support for German with Cortana
Improved live tile for pinned tasks now displays more useful information
Improved swipe right on a complete tasks show ‘uncompleted’ and a different color
Improved when a task is completed, you can undo the action
Fixed incorrect detection of phone numbers with German format
Fixed Exchange/Office365 server urls are now displayed on 2 lines if necessary
Fixed notifications of task with HTML content in notes are now displayed properly
Fixed adding or editing a smartview with a name that already exists show a proper warning
Fixed task counters in the left navigation menu are now always properly horizontally aligned
Fixed smart view with priority, progress and task modification dates now works properly
Fixed when future tasks are grouped in the list, year is shown when appropriate
Fixed show a notification when a recurring task with start date only is completed

27 April 2016 – 4.4.2

Added when a task contains a phone number in title or notes, a dial button is visible in the appbar to make the call
Added tasks can now be grouped by completion date
Added reminders are now synced when syncing with Outlook.com based accounts
Improved drag/drop can be used in view/folder/context/smartview settings pages to reorder items
Improved notification toasts no longer overrides bottom action bar on wide screen layout
Improved do not sync more than 100 completed items when doing first sync to prevent issue in the app
Fixed do open quick add flyout when another flyout is already opened
Fixed recurring tasks with alarm completed via toast notification now schedule new reminders properly
Fixed editing a folder from the settings page now display the appropriate page
Fixed background execution should now be more reliable & status is visible in the mist settings page

29 March 2016 – 4.3.1

Added add Cortana support for English and French ! Please contact us to add support for more languages.
Added add support for Hungarian language
Added navigation button in the task edit page to navigate to the previous / next task
Added keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + alt + left/right) to navigate to previous / next task
Added new smart view field to filter task that are late
Added new smart view relative date filter (yesterday, today, tomorrow)
Improved better page headers and new animation on page transition on mobile
Improved smart view can now show completed tasks
Fixed bugs when configuring Office365/Exchange account with new sync engine
Fixed bug where 2Day could loose current synchronization settings
Fixed bug where 2Day could not send sync diagnostic messages properly

16 March 2016 – 4.3.0

Added add backup/restore feature, from the misc settings page you can easily export/import all your data
Fixed bug with smart view containing filters for progress, recurrence and alarm fields
Fixed error when changing the due date of a task when running 2Day on Insider Fast ring

15 March 2016 – 4.2.2

Improved snooze time options for reminders: you can now choose between 5 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 4 hours and 8 hours
Improved better diagnostic messages in case of unhandled errors
Fixed error when syncing tasks with new experimental sync engine

7 March 2016 – 4.2.1

Added add quick nav actions when tapping the name of the active view at the top of the screen
Added add secondary tile to quickly add a task (brings to the create task page)
Improved you can now snooze an alarm notification
Fixed the “edit” action on an alarm notification now opens the task properly if 2Day is running in the background

2 Mars 2016 – 4.2.0

Added support for Windows 10 Mobile ! 2Day now is a full universal app 😉

22 February 2016 – 4.1.0

Added support to undo delete
Added new indicator to show late tasks
Added gesture support to complete or edit task with small layout mode
Added app bar support in small layout mode
Added support to share content from other apps to 2Day and create task
Improved app now use transparent tile (unpin/pin tile to see the change)
Improved edit folder/smartview/context directly from the settings page
Improved touch targets of hamburger icon is bigger
Improved toast indicator is now shown at the bottom of the page
Fixed rebuild folder list properly if current date has changed
Fixed multiple small UI fixes to get ready for 2Day running on Windows 10 Mobile :-)

16 February 2016 – 4.0.8

Added you can now sort tasks by reminder date
Improved improve syncing speed by up to 40% when fetching tasks
Fixed add missing translation in smart view edit page

28 January 2016 – 4.0.7

Added new option to use experimental and brand new sync engine with Office 365 and Exchange
Improved default reminder time is now 12:00 instead of 00:00 (default start time is still 00:00)
Fixed bug when editing days-based recurring tasks
Fixed bug when removing reminder from a task (button no longer has to be pressed twice)
Fixed bug when removing context from a task (task is now updated properly in the list)
Fixed bug when related to timezone management when syncing with ToodleDo
Fixed bug when syncing more than 1,000 tasks with ToodleDo

15 January 2016 – 4.0.6

Fixed problem when configuring new account with Outlook.com

14 January 2016 – 4.0.5

Fixed very rare crash when displaying completed tasks
Fixed fix input scope bug on Exchange / ToodleDo settings page
Fixed bug preventing to delete folders from navigation menu when display language is German
Improved ask for confirmation before cancelling sync when you press sync button while sync is running

05 January 2016 – 4.0.4

Fixed possible error when update live tile or adding reminders

23 December 2015 – 4.0.3

Improved keep smart views when using sync > replace debug option
Improved minor UI adjustements (font size, animation when selecting radio buttons)
Fixed problem where the live tile would not update because of special characters in task’s content
Fixed use 24 hours format when appropriate (for example in Finland)
Fixed use 3 levels priority when syncing with Outlook.com, Exchange or Office 365 (low, medium, high)

15 December 2015 – 4.0.2

Added 2Day can now be used to to show detailed information on your Windows lock screen
Fixed navigation menu icon cutoff when speech recognition icon is not visible
Fixed very minor UI issues (text vertical align, flyouts are repositioned properly, etc.)
Fixed exception messages being shown while using drag/drop or copy/paste

10 December 2015 – 4.0.1

Fixed crash at startup in some rare situation due to date time formatting
Fixed folder can be saved without having to more focus away from title textbox control
Fixed it’s now possible to use a context immediately after creating the first one from the task page

8 December 2015 – 4.0.0

This is the biggest release in the history of 2Day, so there are good chance this changelog is not 100% complete :-)

Added smart views – create your own views that filter tasks the way you want – read more about this new feature in the dedicated help page
Added keyboard shorcuts – get the full list on this help page
Added copy/paste existing tasks using CTRL+C and CTRL+V
Added actionnable reminders – when a reminder is shown you can complete or edit the task
Added new option to choose default context for new tasks
Added ability to rename tags
Added speech recognition support in the create/edit task page (title & note)
Added ability to use a custom image as background
Added new tag picker button in the task page to list all existing tags and see how many times they are used
Added creation and last modification date are now shown in the task page
Added print support
Added option to disable anonymous improvements
Added in-app analytics system that will sometimes ask you question about your usage of 2Day
Improved all UI is now fully responsive to prepare the upcoming mobile version
Improved a LOT of small UI improvements (calendar, validation buttons, etc.)
Improved when a folder is created, you see how many times each color is used
Improved it’s now possible to edit a view (right click / long tap in the navigation menu)
Improved new task bar icon
Improved much better tab keyboard management (tap tab to move from one field to another, shift+tab to go back)
Improved task with start date now has an indicator in the task list
Improved it’s now possible to drop a task on a tag in the left navigation menu to add this tag to the task
Improved it’s not possible to sort tags in the left navigation menu
Improved better priority support with Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook only a 3 levels based priority is shown – that ensure user don’t choose priority level that is not supported during sync
Fixed many small gitches :-)