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The future of 2Day | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

The future of 2Day

More than 5 years ago, I started a side project that aimed at creating the best-todo list application for Windows devices. First targeting Windows Phone 7, the application was then updated to support Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8. A brand new app was then created for Windows 8, sharing the core underlying technology that powered 2Day on Windows Phone. Two years later, I introduced the first truly universal version of 2Day with 2Day for Windows 10.

From the beginning I’ve worked on 2Day on my spare time, on top of my “real” job that was providing revenues for the family. I’ve spent countless hours working on the app: early in the morning before commute, late in the night, week-ends, holidays…. The other interesting challenge was about switching between roles: developer, product owner, product manager, tester, designer, marketing… it was only me behind the scene :-)

Today, I’m proud to announce what’s coming next for 2Day and for me.

Starting October 2017, I’m joining Microsoft as a software engineer working on Microsoft To-Do !

Me and the family, my wife and 8 months-old daughter recently relocated to Berlin to join the To-Do team.


2Day to ToDo No Logo


To-Do is about building the most delightful todo-list app at the scale of Microsoft. Relying on the Office 365 infrastructure, To-Do targets billion of people across the globe to empower every one of them to achieve more.

Joining this team is a lifetime opportunity that I would not have missed for anything.




What does that mean for 2Day?

2Day is not going away, but instead in the next few weeks:

  • it’s going to be free instead of a paid app in the Microsoft Store
  • the code will be released on GitHub
  • I will no longer add features of fix bug (unless they are really trivial)


Finally, I would take the opportunity to thank you very much for your support during the last 5 years. 2Day was a crazy project to run as a single man if I did that for 5 years, that was because of the awesome feedback I was getting from the users :-)


Oh, and if you are living in Berlin, let me know and I’d be honored to get you a beer !