Keyboard shorcuts

With the Windows 10 version of 2Day, you can now use many keyboard shortcuts to increase your workflow while working in 2Day. This page list the shortcuts available:

  • Escape / Backspace: cancel current edit and go back / clear selection
  • Ctrl + S: save current edit and go back
  • Ctrl + N: add a new task
  • Ctrl + A: select all tasks
  • Ctrl + Enter: save current task and immediately add a new one
  • Shift + Enter: add a new subtask to the currently edited task
  • Ctrl + Page Up/down: navigate previous/next navigation views
  • Ctrl + E: start speech recognition
  • Ctrl + U: sync
  • Ctrl + Q: quick add task
  • Ctrl + F: find task
  • Ctrl + M: open/close navigation menu
  • Ctrl + C: copy selected tasks
  • Ctrl + V: paste selected tasks
  • Ctrl + P: print active view
  • Del: confirm to delete selected tasks

Have an idea about a new shortcut ? Please feel free to suggest it in the UserVoice portal !