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Fixing common sync issues | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

Fixing common sync issues

This help page will help you resolve the most common sync issues you can have with 2Day


General workaround (try this first)

If you hit sync problems, the first thing to try is to reset the sync status in 2Day. You can do that very easily:

  • Open sync settings
  • Tap the “Advanced sync options” button
  • Choose replace

That will delete all the content from 2Day, and then sync again.

That usually helps putting back 2Day in a clean state regarding sync.


Invalid key error message (Outlook.com only)

That error can pops up randomly when syncing with Outlook.com

The first sync to try is to perform a sync reset (see the “General workaround” section above).

Please also be aware that Outlook.com is tricky to sync with – mostly because it has some weird bug that happens from time to time. If you don’t need to manage your tasks via Outlook (from the Office suite) then we would strongly recommend you to sync using 2Day Cloud. That is a far more reliable sync option and it support more features compared to Outlook.com

You can find help online about how to switch to 2Day Cloud while keeping your data.


Unable to configure Exchange or Office 365 account

The first important thing to note is that in general, you only need to setup 2 fields for your account: your email and your password.

If your Exchange server doesn’t support auto-discovery, you will have to setup server adress manually. The easiest way to find your server address is to use the URI you see when you use Outlook Web Access (OWA). If your OWA is accessible via https://owa.mycompany.com then you should just use this URI as the server address in 2Day.

If this URI doesn’t work, you can check the configuration in Outlook (desktop version). You should find an URI like https://company.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx. Use this one in 2Day should do the trick.


Unable to configure Office 365 account (only for Microsoft employees)

Microsoft employees should use the following configuration to sync 2Day with their corporate Microsoft account:

  • Email: full email address (firstname.lastname@microsoft.com)
  • Username: original email address (known at the alias or UPN address) – not the full email address
  • Domain: user domain (for example: “europe”)
  • Version: Office 365


Need more help ? Please send us at email with the maximum amount of details about the issues so that we can help: support@2day-app.com