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FAQ | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

Frequently Asked Questions


I want to use 2Day on my Windows 10 Mobile device and my Windows 10 desktop or tablet devices. Do I have to buy both versions ?
No, you no have to buy 2Day only once ! As soon as you have 2Day on Windows 10 Mobile you have it for free on Windows 10 desktop/tablet (and vice-versa).
What languages can I use when sending an email to you ?
I speak French and English, so you decide :-)


Is it possible to use multiple synchronization providers at the same time (for example Exchange and ToodleDo) ?
No, it’s not something that is currently with 2Day. That support would require a large development effort I cannot afford to make right now.
Where are my data stored when I used 2Day Cloud ?
When you sync using the 2Day Cloud option, your data are handled by a service that is running in Windows Azure, Microsoft Cloud environment. The data center is located in Ireland. We are very serious about your data, you can read our extremely simple privacy policy.


I have a feature idea, what is the best way to suggest it ?

The best way is to use 2Day UserVoice website. First make sure the idea has not already been suggested by another user. Then create your new idea or vote for an existing idea.

The benefits for you is that you get automatic tracking about the process of the idea: under review, started, completed, declined. It’s also important for me as it allows to see what are the most important things to implement first.

What is the difference between the due date and the start date ?

The due date represents the date at which the task should be done. Assigning a due date helps you schedule your work across the time.

The start date represents the date you can start working on a task. Prior to this date, the task is hidden from all views and form its folder. It’s only visible in the “scheduled” view (but you can change this behavior from the Settings).


Is there any plan to make 2Day available on iOS or Android ?

No, not for now.

Is there any plan to make 2Day available on Windows 7 ?

No. 2Day for Windows 8 has been built from the ground up leveraging the new Windows 8 API.