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Create backups | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

Create backups

You have 2 different ways to have backup of your tasks when you use 2Day.


1/ Create backup manually from the Windows Phone app


The Windows Phone app has a feature to create backup and store them either on your phone or in your OneDrive account. Of course in case the phone is broken, lost or stolen you will want to have backup online so that you can restore it later on. With this first option, the backup is a manual option you decide to run.


2/ Sync all your content from an online service


2Day has support for 4 different online services:

  • 2Day Cloud: the online service created especially for 2Day. It syncs everything and works across all your device that have 2Day installed. This is the recommend option.
  • Exchange: to sync with an Exchange Server or an Office 365 account. Most of the time this the kind of setup we find in the enterprise. Useful also if you want to update your tasks from the Outlook software from the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Microsoft Account: to sync with a Microsoft Account using the Exchange Active sync protocol. This works for Hotmail.com, Outlook.com, Live.com accounts (and similar). You can also update your tasks from the Outlook software if you choose this option.
  • ToodleDo: a free online web site where you can store tasks on it. ToodleDo has many third party apps to sync with.

Any of those 4 services will also enable to “roam” your tasks across several devices (several Windows Phone or maybe a phone and several Windows PC).