Office 365 / Exchange


2Day supports syncing with Microsoft Exchange servers.

This page highlights some tips in case you are having trouble setting up your Exchange account.

Supported versions

The following versions of Exchange are supported in 2Day:

  • Office 2007
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
  • Office 365

Office 365 users

Office 365 users should only need the email and password to configure sync.

Microsoft employees

Microsoft employees should use the following configuration to sync 2Day with their corporate Microsoft account:

  • Email: full email address (
  • Username: original email address (known at the alias or UPN address) – not the full email address
  • Domain: user domain (for exemple: “europe”)
  • Version: Office 365

Priority mapping

Exchange and 2Day has different set of priorities. 2Day uses the following mapping:

Priorities in 2Day have 5 levels (none, low, medium, high, star) whereas Outlook has 3 (now, normal, high). The mapping between used by 2Day is the following:


Priority in 2DayPriority in Exchange


Current limitation

Due to the lack of Exchange API on Windows Phone / Windows 8, 2Day uses a gateway hosted in Microsoft Azure to sync with Exchange. This gateway is available at (useful if you need to setup firewall rules).

This server does not store any information about its usage. You can read our (very, very simple) privacy policy if you want to know more.