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New features in 2Day for Windows 10 | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

New features in 2Day for Windows 10

This post is part of a series about 2Day for Windows 10:


In the previous post, I described the most visible changes at the UI level, now it’s time to share some of the new features that are coming with this release (I said “some” because another post will introduce a big new feature in the next few days).


Task details page layout & responsive UI

The task details page has the same overall look at in Windows 8. The header has been redesigned, the action buttons too and speech recognition is now available from there.

Old version:


New version:


You will notice a new button in the task bar: “add and continue”. This saves the current task and clear screen so that you can immediately add a new task. Very useful to perform a quick brain dump :-)

The new version also has a new tool to search for existing tag and choose one of them:


Because 2Day for Windows 10 is the exact same app for desktop, tablet and mobile this page is now fully responsive:


Custom background image

In the display settings, you will find a new feature: custom background ! You can now choose pick any picture from your library and use it as a background image in 2Day and you can also adjust opacity:

I can’t wait to see screenshots of your customization of 2Day using this new feature :)


Keyboard shortcuts

Another important new feature in this release are keyboard shortcuts. You can now perform multiple action just by tapping a few keystrokes! Here are the shortcuts available in this update:

  • Escape / Backspace: cancel current edit and go back / clear selection
  • Ctrl + S: save current edit and go back
  • Ctrl + N: add a new task
  • Ctrl + A: select all tasks
  • Ctrl + Enter: save current task and immediately add a new one
  • Ctrl + Page Up/down: navigate previous/next navigation views
  • Ctrl + E: start speech recognition
  • Ctrl + U: sync
  • Ctrl + Q: quick add task
  • Ctrl + F: find task
  • Ctrl + M: open/close navigation menu
  • Ctrl + C: copy selected tasks
  • Ctrl + V: paste selected tasks
  • Ctrl + P: print active view
  • Del: confirm to delete selected tasks


What do you think about this upcoming release ?

Please feel free to drop a comment !



  1. The new version looks very impressive and I’m happy to see continued support from the 2Day team. I still keep my fingers crossed for one day seeing SharePoint task lists as a sync option 😉

    • Thanks for the feedback Robert. How would you like to see SharePoint task list integrated? Would it be a dedicated sync provider? Meaning if you choose this, you will sync only with SharePoint task list?

      • Well, having multiple sync providers would be awesome; we can currently sync tasks on SharePoint task lists through Exchange when using Office 365, but when working with contractors this falls short as they do have assigned tasks on the list, but they don’t have a mailbox on our Exchange server (which is a prerequisite for syncing SharePoint task lists with Outlook clients) so we can’t give them access to their tasks through 2Day (or any other tool that I’m aware of, since I’ve yet to find an app that supports SharePoint task lists) other than through the team website.

  2. I have to share my excitement regarding this app and the way it is evolving. I am a maintenance supervisor on a school campus. I am always looking for a better way to improve upon the things that need to be addressed. Finally a mobile app that I can use on my phone or the option to use it on my “Surface” to share maintenance needs and other business items. Always pondering new ways to apply this app and now I’m thinking vehicle maintenance too! We use office 365 and outlook/calendars district wide, this is a fantastic app in my world. The 2Day team is nothing short of awesome! Keep up the great work!



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