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First look at 2Day for Windows 10 | 2Day - the best todo list for Windows

First look at 2Day for Windows 10

This post is part of a series about 2Day for Windows 10:


Early next week you will be able to grab 2Day for Windows 10. This new update will bring many new features and improvements.

This post is the first of a series to highlight the most important changes in 2Day.


Taskbar integration

The task bar icon was redesigned to better fit in the Windows 10 design guidelines:

Application header

The header was updated. Here is the old one:


And here is the new one:


The goal was to increase vertical space to show your content. I also decided to move the 4 commands in the right part of the header right in the left navigation menu. Search is now also directly integrated in the left navigation area. The logo of 2Day is gone in this process but it might come back in a future release. I also reviewed the design of group headers.

Navigation menu

As mentioned earlier, with the new header we now have more space to display your content in the navigation menu. You will also notice that commands that were previously in the bottom application bar (like settings) now are at the bottom of the navigation menu like in other Windows 10 apps:


Contextual bar

Because the app bar is gone (on desktop/tablet at least, more on that later) we needed a way to perform action on a set of selected tasks. It was previously possible to do that from the app bar:



We now have a much smaller, yet very effective to use “contextual bar” that slides in when needed:


Quick add & calendar

Quick add had a minor redesign – I updated the calendar control to be able to have quick shortcuts (in 1 week, in 2 weeks, etc.)

This new calendar control is also used in the task page so that you can very easily adjust the date of an existing task.

As you can see, speech recognition is now directly available from the quick add pane.


Improved color picker

When you create a new folder, you now have an indicator that shows how many times each color is currently being used:



This post highlights some of the most important changes, as you start using 2Day for Windows 10 you will probably notice other subtle changes :-)

What do you think about this upcoming release ?

Please feel free to drop a comment !


  1. I think it looks fantastic and am excited to try it out! You didn’t mention here, but I’m hoping the live tile has been fixed to display properly on Win 10 in Wide mode. Just a personal preference thing, but I prefer the selected task outline style with the angled corner checkbox and having the number of tasks for a given day appear inside the grey circle from the old version, but otherwise I like the new design a whole lot better!

    • Thanks for the feedback Kevin ! About the selected task outline to be honest I didn’t make any changes here, it’s the default Windows 10 styling (which means I might change it in the future).

      Can you please send me an email to describe the wide live tile issue you’re mentioning ?

      • Hi Jeremy,
        On Windows 10, if I use the medium tile sizing everything works as it should where the tile shows both the task count as well as the top three items on the task list. However, in wide tile mode, I only see the 2day icon and the number of tasks. It never displays any of the actual tasks themselves. (It used to on Windows 8.1.) My apologies, I would have provided more detail in my first post, but I was thinking I had seen that issue acknowledged previously in the forums or somewhere (I forget now). I do have my desktop DPI scaling set to 125%… just got to wondering if that might make a difference or not (though I had it set that way in Win 8.1 as well). Anyway, thanks again for building (and maintaining!) such a sweet app!

        • The wide live tile will work properly with Windows 10. I will add screenshots in a the next blog post that should be out tonight :)

  2. “”The goal was to increase vertical space to show your content. I also decided to move the 4 commands in the right part of the header right in the left navigation menu. Search is now also directly integrated in the left navigation area. The logo of 2Day is gone in this process but it might come back in a future release. I also reviewed the design of group headers.””

    it’s a good idea and good direction, waiting for this in the first place on the phone version for the desktop icon. wait and hope the optimization for text desktop phone version.

    • Andrew, for the phone the current plan is to remove both the top and the bottom action bar and use the native phone application bar instead. If you have specific ideas about things you would like to see implement in the phone UI, please drop me an email :)

  3. It would be great to be able to attach documents to tasks and have a better display for long text in task notes

    • Attaching document is something that is being asked a lot. Challenge is to make it work with all sync providers. I sync that might work only with 2Day Cloud, is that the sync method you were thinking about ?

      About the long text in task notes, I will share a screenshot tonight in a new blog post. For this first version of the Windows 10 version there is no special work in the note taking area but it’s something I have in mind for future updates. The idea would be use a Word-like editor to edit notes.

  4. The new UI changes look nice. Are there any functionality updates as well, like picking up flagged emails? Thank you.

    • David, the new sync engine for Exchange is part of this update but flagged as “experimental”. It means you have to manually change a setting in the Exchange sync page to use the new engine. The code is almost ready to fetch emails, I just need to find out where to store them in 2Day (dedicated folder….). So I might not be in the release that is coming next week but’re getting closer. I will create a blog post to discuss this topic soon.

  5. I’m concerned about font size on Windows 10 tablets. From the new screenshots it looks like that fonts are getting smaller in some areas. However font size is a huge concern for those with high performance tablets with high resolution (FHD and more).

    I’m using Lenovo Yoga 2 Tab (10′, FullHD) and fonts already are too small and not comfortable for reading, especially in top bar.

    • Nauris, the current version (built for Windows 8) has a bug regarding DPI-settings when it runs on Windows 10. It basically ignore the DPI scaling. Meaning that your Yoga2 has probably a DPI > 100% that 2Day is ignoring for now. That will be fixed with the Windows 10 update coming next week. If after the update you’re finding the font size is too small please drop me an email and I will investigate :)

      • Thanks :)

  6. Hi Jeremy, will the new version support multiple folders and categories from Exchange? Great app and congratulations.

    • Luiz, yes the goal is to support multiple folders and categories – but it will not be the case in the first version of the update. We need to find out how to map folders & Exchange categories in 2Day. The current implementation maps an Exchange category to a folder in 2Day. How do we deal with multiple categories? How do we deal with multiple folders ? The new Exchange sync engine is able to fetch them from Exchange but we need to decide how to store these in 2Day.

  7. I wanted to share with you a couple of features that I believe every task management system should have.

    One is estimated duration. Is this task going to take 10 min or 6 hours? It gives a much more realistic time management approach if you can see that you have scheduled 30 hours worth of tasks in one day.

    The other is I would like to publish my task as an appointment in my calendar. All tasks take up time and when I am planning my week I would like to block off the time in my calendar to nail down when I am going to accomplish the task. Right now I have to look at my task list and my calendar side by side and then manually block off time in the calendar to do the task and copy over content from the task. And if it captured the duration from above to show how long it will take…. BONUS! Then if I have to move around the date and time for when I will be working on the task or completing it, it will be linked to the actual task details.

    Then I will have tasks that have been scheduled for completion and tasks that have not been scheduled yet… I then can trust I have blocked off the time to complete it.

    • I am a Windows 10 desktop user with Office 365 and Windows phone 10….



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