• Homescreen

    Your daily dashboard. Quickly add new items, use your voice, browse your tasks
    home screen

    Task list

    Tune display, use filter, configure groups and sort to visualize your tasks.
    task list
  • Voice commands

    "2Day add a reminder for tomorrow at 3PM. Buy some bread". Simple, easy.
    voice commands


    Choose the views you need.
    views setup
  • Tiles

    Pin tasks, folders and views on your Windows Phone's home screen.

    Lock screen

    Display the most important tasks on your lock screen.
  • Move

    Move task from folder to folder using the powerful context menu
    move context menu


    Quickly adjust the due date of a task right from its context menu
    postpone context menu

for Windows Phone

$2.99, 30 days completely free trial

for Windows 8

$5.99, 30 days completely free trial



2Day is full of options to suit YOUR need. Customize groups, order, display, theme, font size and more.


2Day syncs with Exchange (on premise and Office 365), with ToodleDo or with your Microsoft Account.


Use your voice to add new tasks and reminders. "2Day add a reminder for tomorrow at 6PM. Buy bread".


2Day supports GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. Add contexts, tags and start date. Choose the appropriate views, configure display and more.

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